B!tch Face All Day

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Ive been indulging myself with face-masks particularly collegen masks. Its always a good time to invest in your self, especially your skin. Read the magazines telling me time and time again to start now, I didn't listen until now!When the fine lines appears and the "Black Dont Crack"  appears to be a myth. This black girl has lines and wants to reverse youthful 20's with the good skin, line free. Amen! However, I cant go back, so now its time to act. But how? face-masks, and hell a lot of them. So check this ones Im loving and the ones Im hatin.

Loving, Quality 1st,  Dear Derm, and Daiso Japan collagen masks.
They work with effort and skin care regimen.

Quality 1st
The Best Sheet Mask

Quality 1st
Moisture Sheet Mask

Dear Derm
Firming & Repair Mask

Dear Derm
EGG Elasticity Mask

Daiso Japan
One Week Collagen Sheet Mask

Hatin, Tony Moly, Dear Derm, Dr. Jart + sheet masks, because simply they don't brighten as promises, and doesn't decrease an millimeter of my laugh lines.

                                                                        Tony Moly
                                                                     Collagen Mask

Dear Derm
Black Mud Elasticity Face Mask

Tony Moly
I'm Real Brightening Sheet Mask

Dr. Jart +
Laugh Line Lift

                                                                      Tony Moly
                                                                   Mr. Smile Patch

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