How the fudge do you walk in these!?!?!?! The Glory & Pain of High Heelss

by - 10:20 AM

I took noticed to block heels after noticing Gigi Hadid in a pair, and instantly thought to myself, why? Why learn to walk, in painful yet beautiful stilettos, when I can look just as cute in block heels. Currently, on the hunt for many pairs of block heels. No more flats and low sandals for this shortista* Check out Gigi rocking block heels. Lets rep our block heels everyda! Nope, I didn't forget the 'y' in everyday. :)


RayeXRevolve Layla Heel
@ Revolve

Little Mistress Metallic Pointed T-Bar Shoe


                                                                © Steve Madden

*A short person with the raddest style.

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