Urban Decay: Book of Shadows III Review

by - 4:32 PM

Item: Urban Decay, LOVE NYC (Book of Shadows III)
Commnets: I wasn't a fan of Urban Decay until now, this happen one day I was bored and in the Sephora store trying on many samples, and pondered around the urban decay section, that's when I fell in love. Then, I noticed the price and was like "hell-to-the-no" Im not paying nearly $60 bucks for eyeshadow! So, time had passed and I was browsing on tumblr and noticed a repost with a picture of the shadows and how magingsifint they looked in the photo, so I caved in and brought it, and I haven't been disappointed and neither will you. Hurry, its Limited Edition.
Rating: 5/5
Cost: $54.00
Where: UrbanDecay.com , Sephora, Ultra

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