Best Drugstore Face Cleansers: Garnier- Shine Control Cleansing Gel

by - 12:51 PM

Item: Cetaphil vs Garnier Cleansers

Comments: I attended makeup school last year, and our instructor recommended some products to use on our clients faces, the instructor recommended Cetaphil Cleanser, which I tried out and hated it, why? it only removed 15% of my makeup, second it felt like rubbing lotion on my face. I also tried this product with a clean face, to see if this cleanser was a moisturizer cleanser, which its not, the touch of my face felt the same. Where Garnier Cleanser removes most of my makeup and mascara too! Theres no need for that extra cleanser for mascara. Im so sold on the Garnier, hopefully this new product stays on the market.
Rating: 5/5 
Cost: $7.00
Where: Drugstores

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