Product Review: Flirt "Dreamy Eyes" Eyeshadow

by - 8:00 PM

Item: Flirt "Dreamy Eyes" Eyeshadow
Commnets: I brought the Flirt eye-shadow in Gypsy Nights, usually I buy cheap eye-shadow like drugstore cheap, but I was in Kohl's browsing around ended up buying this item. Tried it and my review is, its very pigmented and smooth, but doesn't blend smoothly with other colors well, maybe this depends on which tool you use? I used two different tools and found blending a little difficult, but what I really do like is the mirror, the bold colors, and how the color blended into the skin, didn't loose color, where other products I used lost 50% of the palette color when applied to my skin.
Rating: 3/5
Cost: $12.00
Where:Kohls Department Stores

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