Rockin Fashionista: Beth Ditto a Fashion Designer?

by - 1:11 PM

Beth Ditto's 80s-tastic line for British fast-fashion chain Evans hits stores July 9th -- just two weeks after the release of The Gossip's new album, Music for Men. The other thing about Ditto's collection? It's only available in sizes 14-32.

That's right: Evans is a plus-size store, and for once, if any of the skinny fashion set wants to get its mitts on these somewhat moderately priced goodies, they'll need a good tailor. (Evans' U.K. 14-32 size range is roughly equivalent to the U.S. sizes 10-24, and Evans does ship to the U.S.) Ditto -- avowed lesbian, fat person, talented singer, fashion darling -- is controversial, engaging and bracingly unusual. So do her clothes reflect her singular presence?

Take a look for yourself to see how the collection, which is heavy on the 80s references and sequins, stacks up.

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