Whitney Eve- Hills Star Clothing Line.

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Whitney Port from "The Hills" and "The City" has a clothing line named Whitney Eve Here is a interview from Nylon.

Hellooo Whitney. Hello, NYLON!

Everyone knows about your TV show, but you've also got a new clothing line? Yes it’s called Whitney Eve, which are my first and middle name.

Why? Here’s the deal, like, I wanted my name to be part of the line, and I didn’t want to let my job situation tell the story for me, but at the same time, I wanted to put my brand on it. So I figured my first and middle name, if I did that, it would be personal enough without being so connected to what people think they know about me.

This might sound harsh, but why do we need another celebrity clothing line? Because in California, at least, everyone’s wearing the same thing. Everyone’s got this lifestyle where all you see is trends. And I thought if I could bring a California style that was more unique, and more based on a vintage aspect, then women would feel a little bit different. It’s hard to use such generic words; I’m sure everyone feels their clothes are unique and different. But I’ve played off a lot of vintage pieces and fabrics and patterns that I’ve seen through shopping. Most of my pieces are vintage but sometimes you want the same attention to detail and the same variety in a department store.

Most girls are very curious about your wardrobe. If you couldn’t wear any Whitney Eve clothes, what would you wear? I love Manoush but it’s so "little girl" sometimes… and I really like what Phillip Lim has done, but my closet is all dresses from different walks of life.

You said you didn’t want your “job situation” to be part of the equation, but surely, you must have learned something from The Hills and from People’s Revolution that’s helped? It’s more logistics – how to shoot a look book, or like, how to make your line cohesive. But style-wise, it all came from within. I’ve never used my job to learn how to design clothes; it’s just the business part of it.

Gossip time – what will happen to you in New York?! I mean, I think everything’s kind of in the works right now. I’ll be there for Fashion Week, and possibly after. And that’s all I can say!

You can Purchase Whitney Eve at Kitson, and Revolve Clothing. I, personalty don't care for her line so far, and agree 200% with "everyone’s wearing the same thing."

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